Gender Change Surgery

gender-change-surgeryToday many transgender want to have sex change to truly feel amazing, free and confident. That’s why people prefer to change their sex using sex change surgery at Royal Aesthetic Health. Sex change is basically a complicated surgical procedure that changes the resemblance of one person to other gender. It actually happens when a person’s physical appearance and function of existing sexual characteristics are getting altered. Gender change is basically the part of a treatment for gender disorder for transgender and transsexual. It is done to people who suffer intersex which is usually performed during infancy.

Male to female OR Female to male:

Many people want to change their gender origin from male to female or also from female to male. We can make this dream come true with our sex reassignment surgery at Royal Aesthetic Health. The procedure for male to female surgery or female to male surgery efficiently applied to your sexual organs from outside to inside. Your vagina will be created quite deeper for best sex pleasure for male to be more enjoyable, and our surgery will help you to reposition your vagina lips and urine tube for comfortable feelings.

Conditions for Sex reassignment surgery:

  • Persons must be 20 years or old, or have parents approval
  • Take female hormones for at least one year
  • Pass mental examination and surgeon’s approval
  • Must be physically healthy.

Sex change surgery method:

  • First of all the anesthetic will be used.
  • The surgeon will create a hole to make vagina in some depth position.
  • Use the skin from the testicles to recreate vaginal area
  • Put blood vessels and nerve in proper place to make clitoris and then cut the sperm pipe as short as possible.
  • Cut the entire penis core.
  • Reposition the urine tube, the urine will dart up if the surgeon does not perform properly.
  • Retouch their vagina lips for charming appearance.
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