Dr Hameed is one of the senior most Plastic and cosmetic surgeon in Pakistan. He had his surgical training from U.K. And practiced there for more than a decade.Then decided to come to Pakistan his native country. He was appointed as assistant professor of surgery at sheikh Zahid Hospital, Lahore. Where he pioneered the art of plastic & cosmetic surgery. He trained many Plastic surgeons. Then eventually was promoted as Professor of Plastic surgery. His aim was to introduce the art and science of plastic and cosmetic surgery in Pakistan. So that people here can benefit with this relatively new field of surgery. Which is considered to be the Artistic surgery.

Shahid Munir Director RAH handle all the hastles of management. He has specialized in Administrative Mangement and established branches all over Pakistan. My vision is that everyone has the right to look beautiful in there own way and get appriciated by the people on how they carry themselves. You should never feel pressurised into having a Cosmetic Surgical procedure, either by a provider or anyone else. It should be your sole decision to undergo a Cosmetic procedure and something you’ve thought about, researched and discussed with an experienced Cosmetic Surgeon that you trust.

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We will always ensure that you understand any risks or limitations of a procedure before you make your decision. Our duty of care to our patients is our number one priority. Our staff will always be here for you, before, during and after your procedure, to support you every step of the way. Each of our Cosmetic Surgeons is highly skilled, trained and experienced. I recommend choosing a full-time Surgeon, who specialises in Cosmetic Surgery, rather than one who carries out only a few procedures each year. All of our Cosmetic Surgeons keep a log book of their entire operating history and this is something you should ask to see during your surgeon consultation.When you meet with your Cosmetic Surgeon, they will ensure that you have a shared understanding and realistic expectations of the procedure, as well as an understanding of the risks, recovery period and aftercare.


Royal Cosmetic Surgery is based on doctor-patient confidentiality. With the highest possible patient care, consultation & surgery, Royal Cosmetic Surgery holds the personal values in the utmost regard. Ethical and fair treatment of our patients is our number one priority.


As the leading Cosmetic Surgery in Pakistan, Royal Cosmetic Surgery seeks to provide the international health care standards. That is why we carefully select those hospitals who have met the international health care standards, as well as the leading doctors in the field of Cosmetic Surgery and Hair transplant to provide an excellent service to the people.


Providing the finest Cure & Care for our patients with the emerging trend and need of cosmetic surgery and Non-Surgical procedures across Pakistan. Whilst attracting customers across the globe to arise the potential of medical facilities available in Pakistan. Royal Cosmetic Surgery has the intention of providing innovative medical solutions with pioneered tested techniques and procedures under the hands of renowned Doctors, leading us to our growth in future.

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