Botox In Islamabad

botoxIf you are worried about your wrinkles and skin sagging problem then we have a best solution for you. Our efficient team will bring you the best Botox treatment in Royal Aesthetic Health. It is extremely safe and affordable solution to get rid of your wrinkles and frown lines within short time period.

Why Botox treatment:

Aging, exposure to sun & winds, some increased muscle activity, dehydration and smoking greatly damage your skin muscles and bring some unnecessary crease lines around your face, neck and hands. This natural collagen present inside the skin starts wearing and making your skin lines more prominent. One cannot realize their occurrence until they becomes obvious. But it’s a very slow process. Forehead lines, frown lines, crow lines, and bunny lines are the commonly seen wrinkles on your face.

Everyone wants to look charming even when they age. But as time passes, the natural ability of looking the same fresh and young-looking starts fades away. Then our skin becomes dull and less elastic and starts losing its natural ability to recover through its natural rejuvenation process making one look old.

But now Medical science is there for you to help. To fight these amazing signs of aging & wrinkled skin, we bring you the efficient Botox treatment in UK. At our clinic our efficient doctor will examine your skin and suggests if the skin’s condition requires a Botox treatment and also suggest the some important sessions required.

Botox is actually the oldest and safest solutions to fight these aging signs and wrinkles and also crease lines which are recommended by our dermatologists all around the world. These are small injections containing few chemicals that are injected into your skin. Botox is extremely convenient and an instant skin treatment. If you are working somewhere, then you can even manage it easily in your lunch breaks.


After getting the Botox treatment, it normally takes one week for the results to start showing effectively. Botox will make your skin looking young, fresh, more youthful and smooth.

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