Bra Line Lift In Islamabad

forehead-liftFor all those women looking at the rear view in the mirror feels quite unhappy thought. Skin laxity on some upper back, that is usually around your bra line area can make some bulging folds that are commonly called ‘bra bulge’ which mostly individuals feel looks unappealing. But unfortunately, this may have some huge impact on your self esteem, because of the frustration of choosing some best outfit that can simply hide away your bulge.

At Royal Aesthetic Health, we may have your back! Our Bra line back lift surgery process will address this problem and will help eliminate your bra bulge, which is not easy to get rid of with simple diet or exercise. The procedure will also help contour and tighten your bulge around the bra line giving charming and pleasing results.


Bra line back lift is basically performed under local anesthesia which will ensure your maximum safety and relaxation throughout this entire procedure. The process is basically a day case procedure, so you can definitely go home on the same day.

The initial phase of this procedure always involves performing liposuction to remove excess fat from that particular area. Then surgeons made incisions across the back that is used to cut off your extra skin, and then incision is stitched up with some dissolvable sutures. After that the scar is made in that area that can be hidden underneath the bikini strap.

Benefits of procedure:

  • The incision scar will be hidden underneath your bikini strap
  • Results are quick, right after the swelling gone down
  • Helps remove unwanted fat and skin at the same moment
  • Enhances some rear view appearance

Good candidates for procedure:

  • Person having realistic expectations
  • 18 years or older
  • You should have good physical health
  • You should not smoke
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