Brachioplasty In Islamabad

brachioplastyBrachioplasty (Arm lift):

The skin on your upper arm usually becomes loose and flabby sometimes with your age, or after extreme weight loss. Arms lift procedure, which is also known as brachioplasty, removes you’re loose, sagging skin and some extra fat deposits for a tighter and smoother appearance.


Arm lifts are generally performed as an out-patient procedure in our best certified operating facility. Our precise techniques may even vary that depends on the exact location and amount of your skin that needs to be removed and the judgment of our doctors. Our plastic surgeons sometimes suggest liposuction in conjunction with your arm lift, in order to remove some excess fat in your upper arms.

Post surgery:

After the surgery, you may expect:

  • a small drainage tube in the wound which will help prevent some fluid build-up
  • little bruising or swelling
  • little numbness
  • discomfort & pain
  • bandages on upper arms
  • Special compression garments to wear which help keep swelling down.


The improvements from such arm lift will be actually visible right after the surgery, as it may take few weeks for the complete results to emerge. You will also see some scarring, though these can vary depending on the techniques used by our plastic surgeon.

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