Breast Augmentation In Islamabad

breast augmentation_RoyalAestheticHealthGet best attractive breasts and regain your self-confidence through efficient breast augmentation. No matter what makes you unhappy with the overall appearance of your breasts, our cosmetic surgeons at Royal Aesthetic Health are well capable to fulfill your expectations with some quick and promising results.

It involves breast implants or fat, which is referred to as fat transfer breast augmentation, in order to increase the overall size of your breasts or also restore the entire breast volume that was lost after weight reduction or pregnancy. This surgical process is also referred to as augmentation mammaplasty.

Techniques involved in Breast augmentation:

Breast augmentation basically involves three basic techniques:

  • Fat transfer: In this procedure, fat is removed from your body and is processed to get some finest fat particles.
  • Breast implant: It is the common & popular way of enhancing the overall size and shape of your breast. In this process, our surgeon will make few incisions under your armpit, under breast and also around the areola. After that they place silicon filled implants right under the breast tissue in order to offer aesthetically enhanced look of the breast.

Good candidates for procedure:

  • Small breast size
  • Breasts droop after lactation
  • One breast is small than another
  • Breast reconstruction after removal of breast during cancer treatment
  • When you difficult to wear swim suit or tight clothes
  • Breast size decreased due to weight loss
  • Breast loses their proper firmness

Benefits of procedure:

  • Improvement in breast size and their volume
  • Charming and aesthetic appearance
  • Boosting up self esteem
  • Fuller breast

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