Breast Reconstruction In Islamabad

breast-reconstructionBreast reconstruction surgery will help all those women who have experienced some life changing effects of breast injury or congenital deformities and breast cancer. With state-of-the art techniques in a vast range of body and facial restorative surgery, our surgeons are well prepared to help all individuals achieve some great dramatic results. At our clinic, breast reconstructive surgery patients are provided with the great respect and a complete focus on their goals with attention to comfort & safety. Our surgeons offer the best of both worlds to all patients.


Through lots of different surgical procedures, our breast reconstruction will efficiently restore overall size, shape, and appearance of breasts after a mastectomy. The reconstruction process breaks down into two phases:

  • First, skin should be “created” by placing an expander in order to stretch the existing skin over time.
  • When there is enough skin to work with, the overall volume of the breast can immediately be restored using some implants, your own tissue, or sometimes the good combination of the two.

Beyond these processes, there are different other options to customize your breast reconstruction procedures, which depends on the physical needs and your expected aesthetic results.

Breast reconstruction with implants:

Breast implants usually help restore the shape, symmetry, and overall balance during breast reconstruction, and can also be combined with the nipple tattooing for a more natural kind of appearance. They can even be placed with no additional time in the clinic, and with some minimal surgical risk.

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