Breast Reduction In Islamabad

breast-reductionAre you feeling sad and embarrass due to some large bulky breasts? Do you want to get rid from the muscle and shoulder discomfort? Then the ideal solution is available in the form of Breast Reduction at SURGERIES.

Reasons to seek breast reduction at Royal Aesthetic Health:

  • Heavy breasts that are causing pain or discomfort
  • Larger than usual breast size that is causing muscle and shoulder pain
  • Shoulder marks because of the pressure on straps of bra
  • Desire to get some charming and attractive look
  • Problem when you purchase right cloth
  • Desires to participate in sport activities


This surgery is basically performed in our clinic. You need to stay in the hospital for at least 3 days. It is usually conducted under the general anesthesia and then patient goes to sleep during it. Therefore, if any small reduction has to be done then our surgeon will use local anesthesia. During this entire process, our professional surgeon will remove the extra fat and skin after making lots of incisions in the breasts. He will stitch the breast right after removing extra skin and fat. Sometimes, our surgeon needs to reposition the nipple and areola area. There are multiple cases when breast is just a fatty tissue, so our surgeon goes for liposuction for removing this extra fat.

Benefits of this surgery:

  • Gaining charming breast appearance
  • Restoring self-esteem
  • Ability to wear all kinds of outfit
  • Can freely take part in sport activities
  • Getting rid of embarrassment
  • Getting back your self-confidence
  • Reduce backache
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