Butt Lift In Islamabad

butt-liftAt Royal Aesthetic Health, our well experienced plastic surgeons perform successful butt lifts to remove some extra skin and fat that can cause a drooping backside. The procedure basically enhances your body shape by contouring your waist, hips and back of the thighs for trimmer appearance.


During this complicated procedure, our surgeon makes a small incision along your lower back area, from hip to hip. Then some excess skin below the incision area is pulled up, which will lift your buttocks and outer thighs areas. Extra skin will be removed from that area. In addition, this efficient procedure will include liposuction to eliminate important fat.


Good candidates for the procedure:

We recommend this surgery for the patients having following:

  • Desire to enhance the overall appearance of sagging buttocks
  • Enough body fat in some other area like the abdomen or thighs
  • Best physical health with good blood supply to the buttocks
  • Wish to improve the buttocks right after your weight loss

It is most important to discuss the details with our efficient surgeons if you want to undergo the surgery.

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