FUE Hair Transplant In Islamabad


FUE Hair Transplant in Islamabad

This latest method is gaining name & fame all over the world, because it let you to restore your overall natural hair appearance without causing any kind of scar, discomfort and pain.

fue hair transplant in islamabad

When we say Hair Transplant is a life-changing procedure, then we are not exaggerating. Because our painless procedures do not only change your physical appearance for the better, but it also gives you something back that’s as important as your hair and your confidence.

FUE hair transplantation consists of two main parts:

  • Extraction:

This technique is little different from our FUT method, in this procedure, all the hair follicles are being extracted exactly in the form of a Strip.

  • Implantation:

This part is almost same as like the FUT (Strip) method; in this part all the follicles are being implanted one by one like after having been separated from the Strip.

Good candidates for FUE Hair Transplant:

  • Hair thinning should be permanent, have receded hairline or some bald area on head
  • Looking for some minimally invasive hair transplant technique
  • Patient have some insufficient balding resistant hair on his head
  • If the patient is having tight scalp, which is improper for strip removal procedure
  • Hair loss is not progressing anymore

Focused on individual customer satisfaction:

Our professional surgeons always believe that every patient has some unique history and different case. They basically focus on your individual care. Their main priority is to treat all the patients separately with utmost attention. They should plan a proper consultation session during which they fully examine their patient’s head and scalp. Before making hair restoration plan, they must need sound idea of:

  • Total number of grafts needed on recipient site
  • Amount of hair available on that donor site
  • Scalp skin laxity

 FUE hair transplant techniques:

  • Manual FUE; surgeons uses punch tools to extract follicular units manually.
  • Motorized automated FUE: faster graft extraction performed with the help of specially designed automated punch tool

Candidates for the FUE surgery:Candidates FUE Transplant in Islamabad

  • Patient should have permanent hair thinning, some receded hairline or a bald area on the head
  • Looking for a minimally invasive hair transplant procedure
  • Patient should have insufficient balding resistant hair on his head
  • If patient is having a tight scalp, which is inappropriate for the strip removal method
  • Hair loss is not progressing anymore

FUE Hair Transplant Procedure:FUE-Hair-Transplant Procedure Islamabad

  • Stage 1: The donor area is carefully shaved to expose the hair follicles and for the extraction of the follicular units. For less than 1,500 grafts, a marine crew cut is also important.
  • Stage 2:  Now the hair surgeon will draw the recipient area right according to how your hairline should to be. This is just to make sure that the exact areas of the recipient site are fully covered by transplanted follicular units.
  • Stage 3: After that thelocal anesthesia will then be administered to the donor area in order to make it little numb and ensure that patient will not feel any kind of pain or irritation while the follicular units are being extracted
  • Stage 4: in stage 4the hair surgeon will start the extraction process. A particularly designed punch tool having the diameter less than 1 mm will be inserted into the scalp in order to reach the depth of your roots of the hair follicles. This will help detach your hair from the scalp with it roots.
  • Stage 5: The extracted hair follicles will be carefully trimmed under a microscope which will remove some extra tissues and will obtain the grafts of desired size
  • Stage 6:  Local anesthesia will again administer but now in the recipient area. Now the surgeon will make multiple tiny incisions over the recipient area.
  • Stage 7:In the last stage, grafts will be inserted carefully into multiple incisions to conclude the surgery

Costs of FUE hair transplant:

If you are looking around some affordable Hair Transplant solution then always remember – there is nothing important as a bargain when it comes to your life-changing procedure.  When you find some cheapest services for the procedure, then maybe you save your pocket, but result will be poor and you will need another Hair Transplant in the future.

Costs of hair transplant depend upon several factors like:

  • Pre-procedure & Post-procedure care
  • Size of your Balding area
  • Quality and Quantity of the hair follicles
  • Size of every Follicle
  • Extraction Method (FUE or Strip)
  • Ease of extraction (for FUE)
  • Desired density
  • Size of the medical team
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