FUT Hair Transplant In Islamabad

fut-hair-transplantThe people, who are suffering from serious hair loss problem, definitely feel quite frustrated when this irritating problem tends to proceed with the passage of time even after some regular intake of effective medications. To deal with the situation, we are bringing some long lasting techniques that can restore your hair naturally and you will never feel embarrass in front of your family and friends.


It is actually an invasive surgical technique of your hair restoration. In this procedure, our surgeon will remove a small strip bearing some hair tissues from the back or side of your head. Strip will be divided into different grafts that are placed into your bald or thinning hair portion. It is basically a traditional hair restoration technique, which is also called as strip hair transplant or strip harvesting technique.

Benefits of FUT hair transplant:

  • Natural appearance
  • Permanent hair
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Good graft survival
  • Large grafting possible

Why FUT hair transplant at Royal Aesthetic Health?

We are blessed with our talented and skilled surgeons and best medical staff in clinic. They have several years of experience in performing these strip hair transplantation. They are quite well versed with updated details of the procedure and follow the important steps maintained by the renowned hair restoration surgeons to accomplish hair restoration goal. These steps are:

  • Consultation & examination
  • Strip extraction after general anesthesia
  • Graft preparation
  • Preparation of recipient site
  • Graft placement

Recovery period:

This procedure requires almost 2 weeks for perfect recovery. Patient notices a very big linear scar on his back exactly after the procedure. Surgeon prescribes some pain killers for reducing pain after this procedure. Stitches are also removed after 2 weeks of surgery. It is recommended for every patient to sleep in a position that his head should be elevated on at least four cushions below head. Patient feels loss of numbness on head for small time period. In some rare cases, this numbness is quite persistent. If he notices such infection for long period, then he must contact with our surgeon.

You can book an appointment for this procedure, and discuss everything in detail about your situation.

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