Hybrid Method In Islamabad

hybrid-methodFollicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplant are two innovative kinds of hair restoration techniques that will help to graft your hair follicles onto the bald or patchy head areas without any visible scar. Both hair transplant methods are exactly the permanent and long lasting solutions which are quite popular now, but if you need to maximize your hair grafts then our experienced hair transplant professionals at Royal Aesthetic Health are efficient enough to perform FUE & FUT surgeries under great intensive care.

Combining FUE & FUT procedures together is effective for producing enough grafts up to five or six thousand while concealing the scalp scar is a Hybrid procedure. This rare surgery is performed in just one same day under a single surgical setting that will include the complete removal of hair from the donor areas and then insertion in the recipient area.

Hybrid method is recommended for the patients who are:

  • Suffering heavy hair loss and have plenty of area for hair transplantation for which almost 6000 grafts are required to be put. Patients should be interested in as many as grafts possible.
  • Willing to wear their hair approximately half an inch long and then plans to continue the same.
  • Tolerating visible stitches at their back scalp for almost 3 weeks until their new hair re-grows to conceal some less visible scars.


The important benefit of getting this hybrid FUE & FUT hair transplant is that, you can restore your wide hair lost area with the hair units in just a single surgery. Patients, who show interest in having this combined procedure, should have good health and some dense hair donor area in order to provide the numerous grafts during the entire procedure.

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