Hymenoplasty In Islamabad

hymenoplastyAlthough this surgery is not so common in most parts of the world, and not discussed much, it actually falls amongst some popular surgical procedures on demand which is specifically opted by females whether it is for her cultural or religious reasons. The procedure includes the complete restoration of hymen to its actual form.

Hymenoplasty procedure:

Hymenoplasty at Royal Aesthetic Health is basically performed efficiently with the patient under local anesthesia for enough patient safety. Once the particular area needs to be treated seems numb, then the remaining tissues of the hymen will be removed. The edges will be brought together and then stitched up by forming a small kind of ring that will imitate the actual hymen.

This entire procedure will take one hour for completion. The newly formed hymen will resemble a lot with the original and also bleed if it gets torn again.


The whole consultation begins by having a simple opportunity to discuss the details such as your ideas, concerns and expectations about the procedure with your doctor, and ask different relevant questions you may have in your mind.

The surgeon will:

  • Consider a focused history and will examine you
  • Explain the complete details of hymenoplasty procedure
  • Take your preferences into the account while deciding on the appropriate option for you.

So if you want to have such opportunity, then you should contact us today to book an appointment with the leading surgeons of UK.

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