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Keratin Treatment in Islamabad

Are you dreaming of some effective treatment that simply nourish and condition your hair naturally, without even applying some harmful chemicals? If so, then you need to consider Islamabad’s best clinic Royal Aesthetic Health’s Keratin Treatment process in market competitive rates.

This treatment is basically considered as a best revolutionary process that provides glossiness, offer smoothness and straighten your hair in few hours only. This is a gentle treatment even good enough to be used on children. This is considered as a natural treatment as Keratin is a natural substance which comprises almost 87% of your hair. It’s also quite healthy as it penetrates the hair repairing internal damage, and also coats your hair smoothly and preventing further damage. The results are 100% smooth, shiny, straight and silky hair.

Keratin Therapy at Royal Aesthetic Health clinic Islamabad:

Royal aesthetic health clinic has launched an innovative Keratin treatment technique which is extremely safe and used by the most demanding clients with highly damaged or curly hairs.  If you will consider our services for Keratin treatment, you can protect your hair from dangerous weather conditions and humidity. Your hair will look stronger, natural, vivid and thicker.

Long lasting effects:

You don’t need to repeat the Keratin treatment too often, as with the help of professional people at Royal aesthetic health clinic, you can simply enjoy the awesome effects up to 6 months.

Royal Aesthetic’s Keratin products:

Our keratin products are efficiently adjusted to any kind of hair, even if your hairs are undergone some highly detrimental conditions. The therapy makes your hair strongly rejuvenated and rebuilt. Our keratin products do not include highly harmful formaldehyde. We prefer to produce the products from natural ingredients.

Our set of Keratin products include:

  • Professional Keratin repair mask
  • Professional Keratin conditioners
  • Professional Keratin PURE control products
  • Professional clarifying shampoo
  • Professional Keratin repair serum

Our Keratin treatment on dye hairs:

Our professional hair stylists perform keratin treatments on dyed hair as well. It will make your dye hair even soft, shiny and silky. It will be quite easier to style your hair and make them smooth and shiny again. There will be no more need for blow dryers or straitening irons as well.

Benefits of Keratin treatment:

  • Eliminate breakage or frizz
  • Add incredible softness and shine
  • Rejuvenate hair
  • Naturally stronger hair

Good candidates for Keratin Treatment

  • People having dull hair
  • People having frizzy or damaged hair
  • People with curly hair
  • People with unhealthy hair
  • People with unmanageable hair

Keratin treatment process at Royal Aesthetic health clinic:

  • Step 1: first we apply generous amount of Keratin deep cleansing shampoo to wet your hair. We wash hair two times to remove cosmetic build up. Dry your hair with blow dryer.
  • Step 2: We divide your hair into 4 sections. Squeeze our Keratin frizz control products into your glove protected hairs and apply the products into all four sections. Then we use large tooth comb to distribute the product from roots to tips.
  • Step 3: Leave the treatment for 20 minutes for fine hair. But for curly hair, we leave it for 45-50 minutes. Continue combing for 10 minutes from root to tips.
  • Step 4: We rinse your hair completely with water in that step. We dry your hair and apply hair hydration mask. Distribute the mask efficiently and then cover your head with a cap for almost 20-25 minutes. Then rinse your hair with plenty of water.
  • Step 5: we blow dry your hair completely and when your hair gets dry, we take half inch sections of your hair and flat iron each section at 10 times.

At the end of the process, our hair stylists also give some important guidelines to maintain your hair’s shine for long lasting period.


You don’t need to sit and wait for remarkable results. Your new and shiny appearance will be getting ready right after the process is over. You can simply forget about that nightmare of your everyday hair styling!

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