Natural Weight Loss Treatment

Get tired from ineffective weight-loss schemes and diet plan? It’s time to choose right path that guides you toward skinny and ideal body figure. Our experts offer you natural weight loss treatment that helps you lose 35 lbs in only 20 days. We promise 100 % guaranteed results within a month. Our treatment comprises of 6 proven methodologies of reducing body fat and reshaping the figure.

Following methodologies will let you drop your pounds quickly and easily.

  1. Electronic Gem Therapy
  2. Bad fat mobilization
  3. Natural Supplements
  4. Personalized Diet Plan
  5. Energy Healing
  6. Counseling sessions

1. Electronic Gem Therapy

This therapy was originated by British Scientist Dr. Jon Whlake who strongly believed that gems are reservoirs of pure radiating energy that can be induced to toxic or diseased tissues for getting relief from chronic or acute conditions. The concentrated rays of gem can easily reached at a sub-atomic level where they can influence the cellular activity. Chemicals and drugs can not reach that far in the body. When gem energy passes through the body then it influences the behavior of cells to a great extent. Effect of each gem cell on living cell is different depending on its color and frequency. In order to get the maximum benefit from gem electronic therapy, therapists normally uses good combination of more than 20 gems or more at any given time.

How Electronic Gem Therapy works?

You must understand the science behind the electronic gem therapy. Therapist concentrate energy stored in the gems onto patient’s cells, this energy coverts the body’s metabolism state from catabolic to anabolic. Catabolic is a state of metabolism in which molecules break downs into smaller units and energy is released. Anabolic is a state that builds up organs and tissues. In simple words, energy activates the biological activity of cells and pushes them to function efficiently.

How electronic gem therapy is performed?

This therapy takes one hour or more. Practitioner puts the gems inside a special type of chamber connected with a low voltage lamp. An area that requires treatment is exposed to lamp light. When light shines through the gems then energy of gems moves toward this specific area of body, this energy changes the behavior of cells and it results in healing of cells at the end. This treatment is non-invasive and painless; there is nothing to be worried about. Even this treatment has no side effect. Energy of gem has no adverse effects on human body.

Benefits of Therapy

This therapy doesn’t require the person to do anything. Energy of gems is used for treating the weight loss problem in many countries. Now this treatment has arrived in Pakistan. Good thing about this therapy is that it lets the person to drop down his body weight from an area where stubborn fat deposit is present. There is no need to undergo through a surgery for getting rid of body fat when you can lose the weight by going through a painless electronic gem therapy.

2. Bad Fat Mobilization

This therapy introduced by Dr. Albert T.Simeons in 1954. Albert was among the leading British medical doctor who discovered the cause and cure for obesity. He had his weight loss clinic in Rome where he had been treating rich and well-known personalities for more than 20 years. His clients usually belonged to high class such as royal family members, Hollywood celebrities and business tycoons. His formula was indeed worthy and effective. As we all know, there are two main kinds of fat that a person can consume, such as bad fat and good fat. It is believed that people need to remove bad fat from their bodies if they want to get ideal slim body figure and want to get rid of obesity. It is advised to avoid the diet with bad fat such as pizza, pasta, creamy food, etc. However, it is not possible for all to quit yummy food. So, the solution comes in the form of bad fat mobilization. In this method, bad fat is stored in waist, thighs and hips. When a person moves then this mobilized accumulated fat becomes first source of energy. In this way, dieters are able to reshape their body and manage a low calorie diet per day.

3. Diet Plan

Our health and nutrient specialists draw a balanced diet plan for you in a way that you can get required vitamins, nutrients, fat and other essential elements through your food. They don’t force you to stop eating meat or burgers but they will come with a plan that lets you enjoy every taste of life. This diet plan has a unique combination of meat, vegetables and fruits.

4. Natural Supplements

The people who have some kind of nutrient or vitamin deficiency must have to cover this deficiency with supplements. Sometimes, people gain weight because their bodies are deficient with some vitamins and minerals. Our doctor will determine your body deficiency level and prescribe you natural supplements that can meet up body’s demand for essential amino acids, herbs, vitamins and minerals. They also prescribe some supplements for those people who have low metabolism rate, so the supplements can increase this rate at a good level.

5. Energy Healing

Many scientists believed that all diseases begin from brain. The people who remain under stress and in tension usually have negative energy around them while people who feel relax often can find positive energy around them. We believed that mental and spiritual well-being also played an important role in your weight loss plan. Our expert offers yoga and breathing techniques because they initial holistic healing phase of your spirit by increasing supply of oxygen to brain. Other spiritual and mental healing services offered by our renowned practitioners are Reiki, meditation, quantum healing, distant healing, and hands on healings. Our techniques reduce your weight naturally by providing the positive energy and adequate healing to body. 6. Counseling Session

Our health, fitness and nutrient specialists are ready to talk about your fitness and lifestyle goals. They know how to keep you motivated for targeting your weight loss goals. You can set up practical goal with them and then to know how to achieve these goals with proven tips and techniques. They are experienced enough to address your fitness or health related issues in an effective way. You are free to get answer of all those questions that come into your mind related to your diet plan and natural weight loss treatment.

Losing your body weight and getting slim figure isn’t impossible, there is only need of expert guidance and good treatment and we are offering both things for your personal well-being at a very affordable price. Get a helping hand of our experienced doctor, therapists, fitness expert, nutrient expert, etc and lose your stubborn body weight within a month via our effective natural weight loss treatment.

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