Osseous Genioplasty In Islamabad

osseous-genioplastyOsseous genioplasty is basically an operation that is specifically carried out on your chin. This can prove to be much advancing for the chin if it is quite deficient, or can even take it back if it is quite prominent. It can be applied to maintain and correct your centerline of the face if there is some left or right discrepancy of your jaws and face.


This is actually a versatile kind of procedure and can also produce some best face-transforming results. Your chin can be lengthened or even reduced by the operation which is known as osseous genioplasty. This is actually done within the mouth, so may be no external skin scars. In easy terms, the bone of your chin is divided in a way which slides forwards or backwards in order to lengthen or shorten your chin and jaw. The chin osteotomy can basically reduce or increase the overall height of your lower face that depends on your cosmetic needs.

It normally takes between 25 and 40 minutes to perform a general genioplasty. It is not specifically painful afterwards. Osseous genioplasties are basically the routine procedures with excellent outcomes in our hands.

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