Overbite and Under Bite In Islamabad

overbiteOur dental specialists can efficiently treat your overbite or under bite to give you the most amazing and noticeable results. Depending on your dental situation, we have some new treatments and procedures to treat your overbite or under bite with multiple treatments options such as braces, a retainer, or Invisalign. You should not deal with such detrimental effects of this overbite or under bite problems; let our caring professionals at Royal Aesthetic Health give you a perfect smile you deserve.

Our effective overbite treatments:

An overbite is basically that dental condition where your front teeth starts overlap with your lower teeth. This is a popular problem that can be simply corrected in efficient way. Our dental team is professionally trained to treat even some worst overbite issues. When you leave this condition, then untreated can create some excessive wear on lower teeth and can even cause severe damage to your upper gums and palate. It may even cause multiple problems with the overall structure of your teeth and gum line.

underbiteOur effective under bite procedure:

Having a severe under bite problem can be a serious issue that can appear to be quite distressed and unpleasant, but can even cause different additional problems like grinding teeth, speech impediments, poor tooth alignment, jaw pain, increased wear on teeth and some increased gum disease or tooth decay. Your under bite problem may caused by various unknown factors like genetics, jawbone issues, thumb sucking, or bad chewing habits. Our dental team can efficiently provide some excellent under bite treatment in Royal Aesthetic Health and will straighten your teeth to produce best smile.

Common treatments for overbite/under bite:

We have three common treatments available to cure these severe issues:

  • Traditional braces
  • Retainers
  • Invisalign

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