PRP for Hair Loss In Islamabad


PRP Treatment for Hair Loss in Islamabad

PRP Treatment is used in hair restoration for natural looking results. Having a perfect crowning glory full of beautiful and thick hair is the dream of every male and female. But it would be right to say “Hair today gone tomorrow”. Hair loss is basically the serious matter of concern for everyone whether it is genetic, due to stress or insufficient diet, due to medical condition and bad hair care. But with the great advancement in latest technology and research, there are several new techniques like PRP treatment have been revolutionized the overall medical field.

So with the help of our hair transplants surgeons in Royal Aesthetic Health it is quite possible to combat the devastating malady hair loss, because we apply some advanced non surgical treatment Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). With it’s highly acceptance rate by people and experienced surgeons, PRP would surely dominate the field of hair loss treatments in short time period.

prp hair treatmentIdeal Candidates for the PRP Treatment Procedure:

  • PRP Treatment Islamabad
  • Patient should be a victim of hair loss
  • Looking for minimally invasive technique
  • Good for males and females
  • Donor area should not be resistant to baldness
  • You are scared of surgery

Goals of the PRP Surgery:

  • A head full of hair
  • Enhanced look and youthful personality
  • Permanent and natural kind of hair with zero density


Stage 1:

Platelet Rich Plasma is basically separated from the blood which us quite beneficial in tissue regeneration and proper healing. This therapy has three important steps. First stage is our surgeons’ extract 60-100ml blood from patient’s body. It is quite simple just like your routine blood test. Then the blood is carefully centrifuged for separating all red and white blood cells from the platelets and then the blood plasma create a liquid called PRP.

Stage 2:

In the second stage, surgeons create a controlled injury on patient’s scalp after giving him the anesthesia block to the nerves of his scalp. This actually signalizes his body to send the entire plasma and platelets to some affected area to repair all the damaged or injured cells. The wound healing process is then activated by stimulating his scalp. With the invention of “Scalproller”, PRP treatment has been made painless and time saving for our surgeons in Royal Aesthetic Health.

Stage 3:

Then in final stage, platelets and plasma are re-injected into their scalp. Hair follicles and Stimulated cells are then fully exposed to the more healing cells that can yield in growth of their fresh hair. PRP is not at all effective in hair growth but it just contributes in hair thickening.

Benefits of PRP Treatment:

  • Minimally invasive technique and do not need cuts
  • Patient can get fuller and thicker head full of hair
  • Cost effective technique among others
  • It doesn’t need further care or maintenance
  • Less down time and short recovery period
  • Beneficial for females who are not good candidates for FUT or FUE procedure.


PRP surgery results usually take 6-8 months to show the full potential. Patient can simply say good bye to hair fall forever and can began to see his new hair growth taking place. So in just one year, patient could transform from being bald to owning a full, thick and luscious head of hair.

If you want to know about the process, you are most welcome to consult our professional surgeons at Royal Aesthetic Health.

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