Erectile Dysfunction In Islamabad

erectile-dysfunctionErectile dysfunction, or male impotence, is actually the inability to get an erection to have efficient and successful intercourse. There are approximately 94 million men worldwide who suffer from erectile dysfunction and, importantly, every man who has the condition need to take help.

You should immediately come to our efficient doctors to get the proper treatment for erectile dysfunction. Our treatment process will begin with a physical exam that include examination of your vascular system, nervous system, thyroid, prostate and genitals.

Penile prosthesis surgery:

We apply penile prosthesis surgery which is a best option to restore erectile function.  We have 3 piece penile prosthesis which consists of two erectile cylinders placed into the corpora cavernosum (erectile bodies), which is a pump in the scrotum which will allow the user to self inflate and then deflate at will with his ease, and then a reservoir of fluid that placed below their abdominal fascia through this same single incision that will allow the fluid to flow into the cylinders when the pump in the scrotum is activated.  The complete device is concealed in your body and would not be noticeable in a locker room.

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