Teeth whitening In Islamabad

teeth-whiteningSmoking, drinking lots of tea and coffee and alcohol drinks are the prominent reasons of tooth decay, tartar and fillings, and that’s why our teeth can discolor after few years. Our Dental services provide you best teeth whitening treatments in Islamabad to help brighten and widen your smile.

The teeth’s whitening is basically the most popular treatment available in dentistry these days. It will efficiently take away the staining along with perfectly lightens the color of your teeth to shiny and pearly white. According to the research, the teeth whitening treatment lasts at least about 22 months with no extra damaging effect to your precious teeth, gum line or mouth.

Why choose Royal Aesthetic Health for teeth whitening in Islamabad?

Shiny and sparkling teeth are not a basic requirement in an early age, but in all ages your teeth should not only be strong and healthy but also looks gorgeous. That’s why; we have certified and qualified surgeons for all kinds of cosmetic treatments. The Dentists in our clinics always apply some latest technologies to remove the blackouts from your teeth without affecting them

Following are some advanced techniques we use for your Teeth Whitening:

  • Teeth Polishing:Tooth polishing is the best option for all those having some minor yellowish surface, and now looking for a great natural appearance of their teeth rather than just a simple white smile. We are offering you this amazing treatment in most reasonable price to brighten your smile and enhance your facial features.
  • Teeth Bleaching: Our specialists are efficient enough to perform teeth bleaching, and it just takes just 80-90 minutes to complete the overall process. In this basic treatment, the concentrated whitening gel is applied to your tooth after covering the smooth particular gum using some special kind of plastic mask. We use special bleaching light and laser to give you best experience.
  • Micro abrasion:Micro abrasion is basically the technique of rubbing any particular concentrated blemish removing ingredient on your teeth to remove all dirt and stains from your brown colored teeth. This treatment usually takes 15 days to complete in which you will need to set different appointments with our Dentist.

Our professional Dentists provide you with some best whitening tips which can help you maintain the overall whitening level of teeth without having another detailed cleaning session.

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