chin-reductionMany people find that their chins are pretty large to best fit in with their other facial features. But it’s quite easy when you reshape these bone and some other structural tissues, like if you choose cosmetic chin reduction surgery then it can create a very pleasing contour for your face. You will need no implants, and the results will appear natural in every single way. Our aesthetic chin reduction surgery will offer you some quick and effective solutions for refining your facial definition and contour.

Chin reduction surgery is a very simple procedure that our experienced surgeons perform to transform your overall appearance, and create a harmonious profile, which will help you feel much better about your appearance.

Our procedure:

For the preparation of chin reduction surgery, the patient needs to avoid aspirin and aspirin-containing medicines. Moreover, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs must be discontinued for almost one week before the surgery. These medications actually thin your blood, prevents some normal blood clotting, and introduces a great risk of bleeding and bruising.

So in case of chin augmentation surgery, the process begins with the surgeon who making an incision inside your mouth or under your chin. Using different specialized instruments, the efficient surgeon detaches the bone at the tip of your chin and then removes the excess bone to proportion the contour properly. After that, the tip is repositioned with some remaining section of your chin and then held together using different surgical wires and plates. And finally the incisions are sutured to finish the procedure.

Candidate for chin reduction:

Best candidates for this procedure are:

  • Unsatisfied people with the appearance of their chin
  • Having good physical & mental health
  • Positive expectations about procedure
  • 20 years or old

Although, the risks could be significant to consider, and the possibility of complications is reduced when the chin reduction surgery is performed by our experienced surgeons. In our careful and skillful hands, our chin reduction surgery can improve the overall appearance of your chin and will enhance your self-esteem. Contact us today to get more details about the procedures.

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