double-chin-correctionDouble chin actually makes you look quite bulky & aged. It has some very bad impacts on your overall facial appearance and personality. No matter how attractive your eyes and nose are, if your chin looks double then your appearance totally scratched. That’s why; at Royal Aesthetic Health we are providing awesome results and correct your double chin within affordable rates.

Procedure of double chin surgery:

Double chin surgery basically performed under local anesthesia. Local anesthesia with some intravenous sedation is also quite suitable for many patients. Our surgeons make an incision underneath your skin. Your neck skin is actually elevated to expose your underlying fat. So if you have any extra fat, then it will be removed directly or also through liposuction. But in case, if you have a lax platisma muscle, then our surgeon will tight it and bound it with some sutures. This muscle tightening not just defines your neck angle but also provide great support for your neck. Some patients have recessive chin, so our surgeon use chin implant to make their chin area aesthetically beautiful & prominent.

Benefits of double chin surgery:

  • Reduces your neck fullness
  • Removal of your double chin
  • Define your neck angle
  • Beautiful chin appearance
  • Increase your self confidence and self esteem

Who are good candidates for this procedure?

Anyone who is having double chin in his twenties or forties age should undergo this double chin surgery. It is pretty appropriate for the person, under the age of 35 or 40, who do not have the lower face or neck skin laxity. If the person’s age is over 40 years, and he has lower face laxity then he must not go for this procedure. He should try lower his facelift surgery. This is not good for those people who are looking for some enhancement in their jowls, jaw line and cheek area.

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