lip-reductionMany people believe that their lips are quite big and they really need a lip reduction surgery. Cheiloplasty is basically a famous medical term for our lip reduction surgery. This procedure is not much invasive and it offers a solution to your large lips that are looking overwhelm to your other facial features. Our surgeons for lip reduction are board certified who actually understands the art of lip reduction and their complex anatomy.

Our procedure:

Our lip reduction procedure basically involves the removal of some excess tissue from your lip area. The surgery is generally performed with some local anesthesia, and an oral sedation may also be applied to provide some best additional comfort. The length of this overall surgery usually last about one hour. The incisions are actually made inside your mouth, and reduce the risk of some visible scarring. After the removal of excess skin and tissues, our doctors close the incision by small sutures, which are commonly made from different dissolvable materials.

Are you a good candidate for our procedure?

You are definitely a potential candidate for our lip reduction if:

  • You have quite large lips
  • You are unsatisfied about your lips
  • You are in perfect health
  • You don’t smoke
  • You have positive goals for procedure


You can learn more about our lip reduction procedures, and if you think they are best for you, then you are welcome to schedule your consultation with our proficient surgeons at Royal Aesthetic Health.

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